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11 March 2019

California-based technology giant Intel recently announced that they have implemented global pay equity

Highlighting that this addresses not only gender pay gaps but also ethnic pay disparities, Intel took a broad look at all aspects of compensation, including base pay, stock awards, and accounting for performance, location, length of service, and more. This broad review gave the organization the data they needed to find the gaps, and to formulate an aggressive plan to close them. 

First Capitol Consulting, Inc. recently published a case study outlining the process of auditing, and then addressing, those gender- and ethnicity-based gaps and implementing a more equitable system that begins at the hiring stage and follows employees through their career at Intel. You can read the full case study here

If your organization needs help uncovering your pay gaps, you may be interested in our Gender Pay Gap Software; or you may contact us for help in assessing, reporting, and developing action plans around pay disparities in your organization.