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Ruth Thomas
Senior Consultant and Co-Founder, CURO

16 December 2020

We’re halfway through December and at this point, I think almost everyone has run out of new ways to say, “2020 has been a tough year.” Like we mentioned when I chatted with Laurie Ruettimann in October, no one could have predicted COVID-19, the disruption the pandemic caused across the globe, and it’s influence on the working world as we head into 2021. We’ve all had an entire year's worth of expectations turned upside down but the good news is that we’ve already dealt with a lot of unexpected circumstances in 2020 - so we’re that much more prepared for 2021. 2020 has also pushed HR, employee experience, and DE&I to the forefront, showing just how important all three are to your business success.

We knew pay equity would be a key focus for executive leadership and reward teams, but the Coronavirus crisis and Black Lives Matter (among other equal rights movements) propelled the call to action - as we’ve seen from the number of pay equity related blogs that made their way to our top ten blogs of 2020. Not surprisingly, the other most-read blogs were focused on how to adapt reward to the evolving pandemic challenges. Interestingly enough, the reward themes I predicted at the start of the year remained relevant but the economic, societal, and health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis have brought greater clarity on how these might now take shape -  and at a faster rate than predicted.

Now the holiday season is among us - and while it's looking a lot different than every other year, I’m sure many of us are glad to see the back of 2020 and are looking more optimistically into 2021.

With all of that said, let’s take a look at the roundup of our most popular blogs of 2020 below:

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#1 - How to Prevent a Setback for Pay Equity During COVID-19

Explore how to maintain pay equity practices during Coronavirus while making the difficult decision to decrease employee pay or downsize as a result of the crisis. We share 5 ways you can address pay equity during the Coronavirus crisis.

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#2 - Tackling Ethnicity Pay Gaps - How to Take Affirmative Action Now

Ethnicity pay gaps create barriers for certain employees, so it’s not about equal pay but pay equality, which means all have the opportunity to earn the same. Learn what issues drive ethnicity pay gaps and what employers can do about pay gaps once they encounter them.

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#3 - The 2020 State of Pay Equity in the Tech Industry

Tech giants have been rapidly hiring. Now more than ever, organizations need to tune into their company culture, pay practices, and hiring processes in order to attract and retain top talent - and protect their brand reputation. From understanding pay to getting results using data, we break down pay equity in a few thousand words.

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#4 - Navigating Employee Reward Today and Beyond the Coronavirus Pandemic

How can reward professionals handle reward and benefits in Coronavirus? Angela Williams, CPO at Crossrail and CURO non-executive Director, shares her advice on overcoming the current and future reward challenges that are developing - and will continue to develop - as a result of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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#5 - The New Normal: 6 New Compensation Management Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The initial dust has settled so companies have moved past the reactive stage of the crisis and into the planning phase for beyond crisis. A phase being called “the new normal”. We discuss six reward challenges we think will emerge in “the new normal” and how compensation management technology can help you overcome these challenges.

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#6 - Your 20 Questions Answered: Prioritizing Pay Equity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Myself alongside Jennifer Peacock, Principal at ICS, answer your questions about preventing setbacks for pay equity at your own company during Coronavirus, and the importance of updating your job descriptions and pay structure to reflect new working conditions and job responsibilities.

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#7 - Pulling Back the Curtain on Pay: New Pay Equity Legislation Emerging Mid-Pandemic

With immediate consequences of the COVID-19 crisis underlining society’s inequalities, calls for action include two new pay equity legislation: the California Senate Bill 973 in the US and the Equal Pay Information and Claims Bill 2020 in the UK. We breakdown both.

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#8 - How to Keep Up With the Growing Demand for Pay Equity Services

For law firms and consultants, the growing demand for pay equity review services is great for business. But as the demand for these pay equity services increases, they need tools to deliver faster, more efficient analysis to maximize profits. Explore how these firms keep up with demands by partnering with an HR technology vendor, who makes the pay equity process easy.

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#9 - Reshaping Employee Reward In a World of Uncertainty: Reward and Engagement Strategies for Addressing COVID-19 Challenges

We virtually sat down with a panel of reward experts to talk about the actions and adjustments that they’re putting in place for their own reward programs to maintain a sense of direction, motivate their employees, and celebrate wins - big and small.

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#10 - The Worlds of CSR and D&I Collide: How Teams Can Create a Fair and Inclusive Culture Together

COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted ongoing racial injustice and inequality that floods our societies and workplaces. Learn the 3 signs that social injustice statements were sneaky PR tactics, and the top ways to ensure your stance on D&I is authentic and effective in the workplace.

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Happy reading!

We’ll be taking a much-needed break for the next few weeks to safely spend time with family and friends over the holidays. But if you do have any topics you’d like our team to cover in the new year, please email me. For now, happy reading and we look forward to seeing you on the blog in 2021!

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