Written by
Ruth Thomas
Industry Principal, Curo.

24 November 2018

This month the UK Government Equalities Office released the findings of a trial to understand how different ways of presenting gender pay gap figures affect understanding and attitudes. A key driver of the reporting legislation was that transparency can be a powerful mechanism for creating accountability and social change but this only works if people can understand the figures.  They hope to use the findings to continue to develop the Gender Pay Gap Viewing Service and make it easier for people to identify which companies are doing better than others, understand what the figures mean, and hold the right companies to account.

The study focused on how easy it was to correctly interpret GPG information and use it to drive decisions such as what to purchase and where to work. Key findings from the trial were that translating percentages into monetary terms and including benchmark data of similar employers had the most impact on understanding and positive perceptions of GPG figures.

As a direct result of this research, the current live version of GPG viewing service now shows every employer’s GPG as money in addition to the percentage figures.

Employers considering their 2018/19 reporting should also consider the implications of this trial. Ruth Thomas, Industry Principal at Curo recently spoke at the Gender Pay Gap: Moving Forward Conference and highlighted some of the other pitfalls of reporting including how accuracy, authenticity and clear action plans should also be a key focus.

Curo Compensation’s GPG reporting solution helps leading employers to calculate their statutory figures, produce professional reports and analytics and run comparisons to better understand your workforce Gender Pay Gap challenges.  We have recently enhanced out functionality to include sector comparison reporting.