Written by
Ruth Thomas
Industry Principal, Curo.

27 March 2019

Curo's co-founder Ruth Thomas was recently quoted regarding gender pay and the importance of making sense of data. “The risk is that organisations will run the numbers but not take the time to understand why they have changed," she told People Management. This insight comes in light of recent revelations indicating that, despite UK legislation requiring reporting on pay gaps, more than 50% of reporting companies actually saw pay gaps increase in favor of men. 

It is clear that parts of the legislation were intended to address the need for narratives from out of the data, but that the ability to do that effectively is still a developing skill for most of the affected companies. Thomas also pointed out that in the last year's reporting, only about 30% of organizations even provided the narrative component. Clearly, much work remains to be done in parsing the developing data, and building effective action plans based on the stories the data tells. 


You can read more about this timely topic in the original article, "More than half of gender pay gaps will worsen this year."