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13 August 2019

What is the true potential of HR and how can technology help us to achieve it? In this installment of our Tech Founders series, Gerry O’Neill, CEO of Curo, makes the case for HR technology’s revolutionary impact on compensation and benefits in the workplace.

What is Curo Compensation?

Curo Compensation is a technology company in the HR space that sells three key products. The first product is called CuroEnterprise. This is a highly configurable and scalable compensation management software solution which enables customers to manage their pay review cycle efficiently and securely in accordance with agreed, and often complex, compensation plans, rules and eligibility criteria. The system has a strong embedded analytics capability to support decision making and integrates with the mainstream HRIS and ERP platforms. Our second product is CuroGPG which enables UK companies to comply with gender pay reporting legislation. This has been extended to include peer group comparators and we will be adding ethnicity reporting in the coming months. Finally, CuroPET for pay equity tracking and reporting. This is a new product with pay equity analytics, regression modelling and a budget optimisation module.

Originally posted on HRD Connect: How HR Tech is Transforming Compensation.